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Autor Tópico: Campanha de Kursk, o Início  (Lida 1010 vezes)


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Campanha de Kursk, o Início
« em: 26 Novembro 2012 08:19:03 pm »


Um dos nossos últimos jogos, baseado na publicação «Gross Deutschland at Kursk» pela SkirmishCampaigns.

Relatório em inglês, para facilitar leitura pelos fora de Portugal.


The scenario was easily converted to the Force on Force system, and I borrowed the «Moving Clock» from the Crossfire rules: basically instead of having a fixed number of turns, on the end of each one you roll a D6, on a 3 to 6, the time (clock) advances 30min (you could set it for any timeframe you want, depending on the scenario), with the scenario starting at 18:00h and ending at 22:30h.

Now the tabletop (1x1,2m)
Viewed from south

On the foreground the depression or Balka, that I was expecting, to have a profound influence on the german strategy – how wrong I was…

Now viewed from the NE corner

The west border, which will be used as the main axis of advance by the german units.

The Soviet outpost plus some extra trenches, visible, as soon as the first german units were set on the tabletop

Bunker, and trenches from IronClad minis – great stuff, and a very nice fellow.

As stated, we used Force on Force 2nd Ed. with WW2 Mods from the 1st, plus some of our own, with the germans having a Veteran TQ (D10) and the Soviets a basic Regular one (D8), and the correlation of forces was modified, to give the soviets some chance – plus the Moving Clock.

I played the Soviet units, defending and in Hidden and prepared positions, so Pargana, as German, need to detect me and overwhelm me while the time (turns) passed.

Avoiding the balka, and open areas, the germans simple advance with a team, over the ridge, protected by the woods, on east side

While the main force, 3 Halb-Gruppe and the Stabs (having some assault engineers), will attempt to move all along the west border, under cover of another line of woods.

The german random attachment (a sMG42 team) stays in overwatch near the base of that same tree line.

All is set for the operation. For me, I just sit, and wait…

German units advance, turn after turn, and the clock moving..

When finally Pargana tried to cross the tree line, he bumped in one of my units – got the advantage by making my Hidden, before being detected, so deliver full firepower from a PTRD and 4 PPSh (well indeed, my own random attachment) …

Manage to do 3 possible casualties, but german response was swift

Not only my team was KO, as it suffers a close assault, removing it from the game, and to add insult to injury, Pargana manage to save 2 of the casualties…

Some time later, Pargana risked another unit, and I jumped on it…

Lots of firefight, crossfires, and overwatch fires, with my team going down, but managing to mop down a team.

The real killer was indeed the dreadful sMG in Overwatch, managing to hit me several times, with no casualties for them – and Pargana to assure is survivability, gave them a Medic, just in case..

This together with other teams, just wipe out me, but not without a fight till the death.

While that, the team on the ridge, just make a mistake –put its nose out – and another unit jumped from Hidden – my Maxim MMG – just to nail it down (4 Serious wounded)…

But soon my MMG was under fire of everything on the table….

After clearing the trenches near the balka, and with time running off, Pargana have to improvise and risk, throwing all units against my last positions.

And in the end (sorry no pictures, too involved on the game) manage to grab victory from the jaws of defeat, by winning a couple of extra turns, with clock not advancing, and managing to wipe out my last two teams, and occupying the outpost/bunker.
But I still manage to damage another of his teams…. ;-)
In the end, 15 points for the germans, and 12 for the soviets, so a very close thing.

A very enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks for looking, comments welcome


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