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SMF - Just Installed!

Autor Tópico: Gavrus Julho 1944  (Lida 1250 vezes)


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Gavrus Julho 1944
« em: 21 Janeiro 2012 02:44:21 pm »


Mais outro na língua anglo-saxónica


For this one we adapt a Crossfire/Hit the Dirt scenario, easy thing, as just count the squads in each force and reduce them proportionally to my intends.
Rules were Force on Force with the 1st version WW2 addenda’s, players Jose Pargana as  German and Artur as British.

The tabletop (2,4x1,8m):

Viewed from the german entry border

The «Scottish sector»

The main road.
Reckon that I could have made the fields bigger, giving the British much wider field of fire, but I keep the original scenario map.
The Germans, as per original scenario had some limitations, as they can’t control the entry order of their units, so Pargana started with his Panzer element on the lead, without infantry support.

One Pz.IV (Revell) on the road, another on the left flank, and a Panther (Dragon ready made) on the fields on the right side.

Bad omen from the start, as higher point on the table was that bell tower – in the real situation, the Scottish were on higher ground, on a ridge, so with higher view – where a FOO from 2nd Argyle Highlanders just start calling some Artillery fire, with no avail for the first 3 turns.

But an hidden 6 Pdr will not make such a mistake, managing to pass is ambush roll, just pump an APDS  (Sabot round)  round on the road Pz.IV….
First casualty…
Next the Pz-Grenadiers start to pour on the table, but by now all seems to quiet, and indeed for the entire game, Pargana had lots of problem trying to coordinate his troops, and choosing an effective way of getting those pesky Scottish out of the way, because…

…They are running against some serious opposition of dug-in troops…

This Pz.IV will be soon start to attract lots of artillery missions, putting it KO and pinning the infantry, which soon is «hitting the dirt» and for the most part the operation was a failure for the germans..

Well, in real one, the germans attempted for 3 times, even managing to get the orchards around the church, but suffering immediate counter-attack by the highlanders.
Two days later, the position was abandoned…
Thanks for looking, comments welcome

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