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Autor Tópico: Acção Defensive em St-Charles-de-percy  (Lida 1261 vezes)


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Acção Defensive em St-Charles-de-percy
« em: 21 Janeiro 2012 02:46:37 pm »


Mais um com temática Normanda e em inglês


This one is some sort of return to the origins, where Artur and I used to play mostly «British in Normandy» games.

Created after re-reading Ian Daglish’s excellent Over the Battlefield «Operation Bluecoat» a treasure throve of ideas for scenarios, I decided to recreate some of the actions by the spearheads of 11th Arm. Div. South of St-Charles-de-Percy, with elements of 4th KSLI and 3 RTR trying to get into point 218, near Presles, stumbling several times with the forming blocking lines from elements of 9.SS-Pz-Div.
As always played with Force on Force:WW2 rules. Players: German, Pargana and English, Artur.

The tabletop, a 2,4x1,8m affair.

View from NE, from the British entry border

The SE border, already on the german sector.

They were 3 objectives on the table, represented by the horses carts – this was one of them

The 2nd

And the last one, on the center.

Mat by Mat’o War (the best around), Fonzie’s Roads, hedges by K& and GW, two Sentry’s Farmsteads, a MKD farmhouse and a couple of Hornby ruined farm buildings. The St-Mary is a Total Battle element.

The game:

Artur, commanding the British decided to go after the two SW objectives, en force…

Basically a reinforced Platoon, with a Sherman Troop in support plus a Carrier Squad, just in case. The Commander of the Battlegroup, watch impatiently «where were those bloody jerries?»
The Germans were in Hidden, and preparing an Ambush, but not having prepared positions that could be tricky.

As soon as the first Sherman reached the hedge line, the trap was activated.

A StuG ….. (Dragon model)

A quick exchange of rounds with a Sherman (an old Airfix model)…. And
The British reaction was somehow slow and numb, with all Shermans missing their target…

As the action seems to concentrate in one corner of the tabletop, German player swiftly start to move units to the area (another Dragon model).
At the same time, an Artillery FOO, on the 2nd floor of the big farm, manage to detected the smoke plume of the KO Sherman, and ……… called a mortar barrage on the zone, managing  a few casualties, and soon Artur was in trouble.
Having moving one of his sections, plus a Sherman into the sunken lane, he tried to outflank the position, and KO that pesky StuG….
After this, Initiative still on Artur forces, and «let’s go hunting a StuG». Action & Reaction, and the StuG manage to retreat swiftly from position…

And in a dim of luck, engine on reverse, spotted that Sherman on the sunken lane…..
Again the StuG crew was faster, a slight turn of the hull, aiming….fire!

Pargana manage to be the «teufel der daten»  (Dice’s demon) on this game, almost flawless

Now things are looking bleak for the British: Blocked on the frontal area, and under Mortar barrage, blocked on the sunken lane, and that Sherman effectively block everything; a couple of StuG’s ID on the front, and a hidden FOO somewhere on the tabletop……
Pargana, start to put some more pressure on the British line, revealing more units (well! Let’s face it he didn’t have a lot of them)

Some turns after this, the Germans to pin down the British forces, which manage to lose the mobility of their 2 remaining shermans (artillery can be a bitch)

But soon, more reinforcements were arriving, to prevent the Germans breaking the British line, as advancing is out of question, by now.

The remaining british units, start putting some vicious fire on the german positions, so they were also stopped.
The hero StuG (2 KO) lost its main gun, not to sherman fire, but to a lucky round from a PIAT, so had to withdraw.
The Infantry, under heavy fire, and to prevent its destruction, decided to get out of the area.

Both players start to consolidate their lines, and soon the game was over.
A German victory, simply by stealthy use of their meager forces, and sheer luck, but after this is a game….

Thanks for looking, comments welcome


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