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Autor Tópico: Guards AD na linha da Frente  (Lida 1329 vezes)


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Guards AD na linha da Frente
« em: 21 Janeiro 2012 02:48:14 pm »


Na sequência do cenário de St-Charles-de-Percy, desenvolvemos este.

Guards AD on the Prowl


Following our last scenario, west of St-Charles-du-Percy, the players asked for another game around the same context.
So, I returned to Ian Daglish’s excellent Operation Bluecoat, and some pages after the actions that our scenario tried to emulate, another set of actions, this time east of St-Charles, and with the Guards Armoured Division seem to have some tabletop interest.

After some reading, some checking and re-checking, I create another scenario, this time set in 3/August with Units from Irish Guards together with Coldstream Infantry trying to by-pass german opposition on the St-Charles sector and going towards Montchamp.

I draft a map, using the available aerial photography, and the table top ended like this (2,4x1,8m)

A fuzzy picture showing the table top from NE with the start British border on foreground.

The main action will occur on the opposite area, along the main road that pass east of St-Charles (on the right side) represented by some farms and the Church. As the germans controlled the high ground to south, giving them an edge in terms of artillery spotting, I used the church to provide that high spot for possible German FOO’s
To the left of the road the «Chateau» grounds – mostly a Manor House.

The chateau, made with elements from Hovels and Hornby – really need to get a proper Chateau for this.

The scenario was played with Force on Force:WW2, players were Pargana as German commander (controlling Kampfgruppe Fröhlich)and Artur as Commander of the Guards Battlegroup (Major Vandeleur?)

The British forces starting to appear for the play.

Sherman I by Airfix, Firefly by Matchbox, Univ. Carriers by Airfix, Stuarts by MMS, Humber Scout by Milicast…. All very nostalgic…

3 objectives in dispute:

Near east-west road, on the small farm (MDK model)

The small road to the chateau

On the track towards St-Charles (Roads by Fonzie’s, track by Adventure Spirit, large farm and most of the buildings from Sentry’s)

The game.

German forces were HiP (Hidden in Place) so only detectable after firing of if units manage to detect them at close range.
British tactic was to send a small group on the east road to probe germans defences, which they do, without much success as German MLR (main line of resistance) was near the west border of the table.

Soon they will go aground, being out of Control for their CO, so they just sit down and have a cupa

The only intervention was by a FOO that go upstairs on the farm to control german activity.

On the main road east of St-Charles, the main action was to start….

With a platoon of Coldstream, close supported by the Irish.

Soon, after some tactical movements, German player decided to activate some of his reserves, or his defenses will break down easily…

So a StuG rumbled forward (Dragon kit) managing to escape certain death by an overwaching Sherman and….

…… KOing it
Soon this StuG will attract all sorts of firing, from PIAT to Shermans, but no luck for either side..

Until Artur use their 2” mortar to drop Smoke over it

But the German wasn’t happy, so called some Mortar barrages, managing – like on the previous game – to inflict some serious casualties, even….

…. KOing a Stuart ….
But retribution was swift, under the guise of a Firefly and their 17 pdr gun  …

…and StuG Kaput.

Now under the pressure of the british infantry, the Irish Shermans lobbing rounds after rounds, the germans started giving positions, withdrawing to the next Bocage edge, and leaving the Farm complex to the Coldstream’s

Soon, 2 objectives were on British hands, but the road towards south was still closed, and there was the danger of further german reinforcements hitting the British units from the west flank, so Artur decided to call off, having an tactical victory on hand.

On the real action, after some clashes on the St-Charles road, and 4 hours of inaction by the Guards Battlegroup, only the arrival of a Brigadier manage to put them on tracks again, going for the other road, bypassing St-Charles, and the chateau by the east….

In all a good afternoon of gaming….

Thanks for looking, comments welcome


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