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Autor Tópico: Uma patrulha(infeliz) no Vietnam (Ambush Valley)  (Lida 4692 vezes)


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Uma patrulha(infeliz) no Vietnam (Ambush Valley)
« em: 05 Fevereiro 2012 11:08:53 am »


Esta já tinha alguns meses, e só agora deu para a colocar online.

Em inglês  :-\

From time to time, we tend to play different settings and scales, so some weeks ago we have a go on another Ambush Valley’s game, this time using 28mm figures.
A very basic game, almost playable as Solo: A patrol, formed by 3 teams of grunts, will have to patrol towards a local hamlet, just to know «how things are», just stumbling in a small VC detachment recently arrived on the area, and eager to do a «show of force» for the local villagers.

The table top (6’x4’) all Luis Reis collection, apart from the Bamboo groove and the “astroturf” paddies.

Don’t ask me about the brands of the stuff, as most were made by Luis. I only know that the Hoochies were from Chiltern, as I was the one who order them for Luis.

Basically the game, have 4 blinds for the VC, which will only revealed if the US forces ID them (inside their TQ range) or if they attempt to ambush the grunts (having to pass their TQ, or they are dummies). VC had a TQD6 and Morale D10, while the US Forces were TQ and Morale D8.
Players: Pargana and Filipe as US Patrol and Luis and Miguel Mata as Charlie.

Pictures from the game:

Having 3 teams: each with 6 elements (M16) including a M79 and two of teams with a M60, US players decide to go cautiously  and put a team in support/overwatch towards the bamboo groove, near the paddy fields, while the other two teams will progress parallel to the road, towards the hamlet.

Soon they are running into trouble, as the Charlie manage to activate all their blinds as real elements, and rolling on the group forces, all turn to be big groups, with lots of AK, and support weapons – lady luck wasn’t in US side on this game.

While the casualties start to mount on Charlie force, they didn’t give up, and the Fog of War cards weren’t helping, as the patrolling forces not only have to endure Charlie attacks, but also booby traps, stray artillery shells and so on… but they manage somehow always survive it.

So they keep going…. and Charlie players keep pouring reinforcements on the table....….

A last obstacle, before the hamlet, and a last reinforcement for the VC…

And first casualties for the US forces

A general view of the fighting

Also the supporting unit on the Palm groove near the paddy fields start to have casualties – the arrival of nothing less than two extra blinds as reinforcements, on the bamboo groove, help it a lot….

And the last drop – a Trap Card – with a veteran Sniper team (Luis is still to get a proper VC sniper, so used a LMG team as sniper) starting to release havoc on US teams…

Almost soon, the Team leaders were casualties… wounded start to mount, together with two KIA, and things start to look bleak, and the mission impossible…

MEDEVAC was on their way……

And fast as they can, the US forces, manage to secure a LZ on the paddy fields, and under a hail of fire from the remaining VC teams manage to board them….

And game over, with a Victory for the VC – hard one, as if using the body count, the US forces manage a 12 to 1 (at least) ratio

And the heroes, as without this team – stealth and hidden, so hardly detected – the outcome of the scenario could be other…

Thanks for looking, comments welcome.


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